Bring light into park structures

It's time for LED retrofits: Standardized lighting systems that have been tried and tested for many decades are upgraded with compatible, efficient LED lamps. That makes economic and ecological sense.

The GLT TUBE is a long-life LED tube of high quality. More than 260,000 GLT TUBES are already reliably lighting parking spaces across Europe - for example in all parking garages of IKEA Switzerlandparking garages of IKEA Switzerland or Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof. The electronics of the GLT TUBES are completely automated in the most modern production facilities in Germany. In this way, we can guarantee a long service life, low consumption and the consistently high manufacturing quality of the LED tubes.

A system for the future - efficient, standardized and compliant with standards

German LED Tech relies on standardized sockets, not on single-source or special solutions from certain manufacturers: The GLT TUBE is a compatible light source according to the international standard IEC / EN 62776IEC / EN 62776 for LED tubes. This corresponds to the global standard in more than 128 countries. The GLT TUBE is also available in all standard lengths and for all G5 and G13G5 and G13 versions. This means that the GLT TUBE can be installed quickly, easily and safely: The existing infrastructure remains 1:1 or just needs to be slightly upgraded before installation - nothing more. In this way you avoid the rubbish that would result from dismantling the old lighting system and save the costs of a new system. Anyone can change the light source in the standardized socket in the future.

Reduce costs in an ecologically sensible way with the GLT TUBES

In multi-storey car parks and underground garages, the LED tubes from GLT reduce the most important cost factors in an ecologically sensible way - with savings in energy costs and CO2 emissions of up to 80 percent. In addition, the GLT TUBE is ENEC-certifiedENEC-certified for temperature ranges from -40° C to +70° C, which makes it resistant and at the same time extremely durable: This way, the expensive maintenance costs of the LED lighting systems can be minimized. The GLT TUBE not only protects the environment in the long term, it also makes the company more competitive.

LED lighting for more safety in parking structures

Modern LED lighting in parking garages ensures driving safety, good orientation and the early detection of obstacles thanks to optimal visibility. The light spectrum of the GLT TUBE largely corresponds to daylight. Colors are reproduced naturally and the luminous flux is stable without flickering. The harmful UV light component of conventional fluorescent tubes is not present in the GLT TUBE: skin and eyes are spared. The GLT TUBE is also unbreakable and free of harmful substances such as mercury.  

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