After a public invitation to tender and a careful assessment, IKEA Switzerland decided on GLT TUBES. The conversion was carried out in a very short time by our partner Bilfinger on all parking lots at all Ikea locations. The existing fluorescent tubes of the T8 and T5 models could easily be exchanged for GLT TUBES. Based on its initial experience, IKEA Switzerland will also use GLT TUBES at other locations.
With the GLT TUBE, IKEA Switzerland already saved this year
2,520,000 kWh
At electricity price of EUR per kWh that equals EUR .
  • GLT TUBE Count
  • Annual power savings
    2,520,000 kWh
  • Annual operation hours
    4,750 h
  • Amortization period
    2 years and 4 months

»The GLT TUBES impress with their efficiency and quality.«

Miguel Mutuberria
IKEA Switzerland