For more than ten years we have been producing sustainable LED lighting that is durable, efficient and sustainable. Our claim - healthy and pollution-free light for everyone.


Our mission is to provide the professional users with unprecedented quality of long lasting LED products. The focus of development is always on the highest demands in terms of efficiency and durability with exemplary recycling properties. Our lead in development is protected by various patents. Thanks to the proven quality of GLT products, we can offer our customers a unique rental concept without tying up capital. German LED Tech is thus contributing to a quick switch to LED technology in order to achieve our common climate goals for a better environment.


At three locations in GermanyGermanySwitzerlandSwitzerland and SwedenSweden we develop, plan and implement sophisticated and innovative lighting concepts for professional use for our customers. "Made in Germany" and the creation of an outstanding lifetime cost calculation have so far convinced thousands of satisfied customers all over Europe. Our team stands behind our products with passion and is passionate about our customers. We implement your projects with in-depth knowledge and enjoyment of work. 

Production in Germany

The electronics consist of 100% SMD components and are completely automated in the most modern production facilities. This ensures a consistently high manufacturing quality. 

»LED offers enormous potential to professional users. In order to remain competitive today, there is no alternative to switching to long-life standard LED light sources.«

Stefan Svanberg
Founder German Led Tech


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We rely on strong partners who share our mission. They think and act like us. Our common goal is to provide companies with healthy and effective light at a fair price. 

tempLED GmbH

Global Lighting Challenge

Die Global Lighting Challenge ist ein internationaler Zusammenschluss von CEM (Clean Energy Ministerial) Regierungen, die den nachhaltigen Fortschritt zur Inbetriebnahme von hocheffizienten, energiesparenden Lichtsystemen umfasst. In naher Zukunft sollen zehn Milliarden innovative Leuchtmittel weltweit eingesetzt werden.

Damit dieses Projekt auf globaler Ebene mehr Aufmerksamkeit gewinnt, sieht sich die German LED Tech (offizieller Supporter) in der Verantwortung, dem ökologischen Nutzen der Global Lighting Challenge beizupflichten.