Shoppi Tivoli

The Shoppi Tivoli implemented the changeover to GLT TUBES with its own staff and thus reduced the investment costs to a minimum. Although electricity costs are not one of the largest operating costs for Shoppi Tivoli, this investment was made anyway and operating costs were further reduced. The rooms were optimally illuminated with different light colors.
With the GLT TUBE, Shoppi Tivoli already saved this year
1,728,000 kWh
At electricity price of EUR per kWh that equals EUR .
  • GLT TUBE Count
  • Annual power savings
    1,728,000 kWh
  • Annual operation hours
    6,400 h
  • Amortization period
    appr. 1 year

»Shoppi Tivoli values the efficiency and reliability of GLT TUBES and thus saves unnecessary electricity and maintenance costs.«

Christian Frey
Head technical service