With the conversion to compatible GLT TUBES according to DIN EN 62776, Nordstan Parking significantly reduces its energy and maintenance costs. With LED retrofit, GLT relies on globally standardized sockets and highly efficient lamps with integrated ballasts. This is the most economical, sustainable and efficient solution for parking structures and guarantees lighting systems for the future. The GLT TUBE makes companies even more competitive and protects the environment at the same time.
With the GLT TUBE, Nordstan already saved this year
1,302,197 kWh
At electricity price of EUR per kWh that equals EUR .
  • GLT TUBE Count
  • Annual power savings
    1,302,197 kWh
  • Annual operation hours
    7,300 h
  • Amortization period
    7 months

»After several evaluations of all known LED tubes, the GLT TUBE convinced with a superior quality and efficiency.«

Christer Jagedal
Technical Chief