Kuhn Druck AG

Kuhn Druck AG has converted its entire operation to GLT TUBES. The simple exchange was carried out without any problems and internally. In addition to the significant cost reduction, the GLT TUBES impressed with their excellent light quality. The investment also fits very well with the sustainable philosophy of Kuhn Druck AG as a myclimate-certified company.
With the GLT TUBE, Kuhn Druck already saved this year
22,015 kWh
At electricity price of EUR per kWh that equals EUR .
  • GLT TUBE Count
  • Annual power savings
    22,015 kWh
  • Annual operation hours
    4,368 h
  • Amortization period
    2 years and 5 months

»Switching to GLT TUBES was one of the most sensible investments in my professional life so far.«

Dieter Mändli
Owner of Kuhn Druck AG