The subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn relies, like the parent company, on LED tubes from GLT in its infrastructure areas and benefits from massive savings in energy, maintenance costs and CO2 emissions. The LED retrofit made it possible to use existing infrastructures and equip them with efficient, compatible GLT TUBES. This is how ARRIVA secured a standardized, norm-compliant lighting system for the future.
With the GLT TUBE Arriva already saved this year
1,212,875 kWh
At electricity price of EUR per kWh that equals EUR .
  • GLT TUBE Count
  • Annual power savings
    1,212,875 kWh
  • Annual operation hours
    8,760 h
  • Amortization period
    6 months

»Since 2013, the GLT TUBES have met our high technical requirements for our train and bus traffic, which has given us significantly lower electricity consumption and maintenance costs.«

Tommy Lundström
Procurement Arriva