The GLT TUBE is a long-life LED tube of the highest quality with an outstanding economic and ecological balance for professional use. A study by the Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik IBP on behalf of Energie Baden-Württemberg AG confirms, that the benefits in the EF3.0 Climate Change impact category compared to fluorescent tubes are already achieved after 15 days and to comparable LED tubes after 101 days. Summary of the studySummary of the study



The electronics consist of 100% SMD components and are completely automated in the most modern production facilities in Germany. This ensures the longest service life, the lowest consumption and a consistently high manufacturing quality. The GLT TUBE is ENEC certified and meets all relevant legal standards, including EN62776. It is designed for temperature ranges from -40° to + 70°C and thus exceeds the prescribed standard temperature range (-20° to + 60°C).

Save costs immediately

The GLT TUBE immediately reduces your electricity costs by up to 80%. And thanks to significant longer service life and efficiency compared to other LED fluorescent tubes, there are no expensive maintenance costs. Thanks to our unique rental concept, you can also switch to LED technology quickly and without tying up capital: Saving starts from the first minute.

Recyclable & ecologically sustainable

The GLT TUBE is 90% recyclable and differs from other disposable lamps in which they are recycled and returned to the cycle as raw materials. At the end of the service life or after the end of the rental period, we will take your GLT TUBES back. The reusable system of the GLT TUBE is unique on the LED market and benefits our environment directly. 

First-class light quality

The light spectrum of the GLT TUBE largely corresponds to daylight. Colors are reproduced naturally and the luminous flux is stable without flickering. The GLT TUBE does not contain harmful UV light from conventional fluorescent tubes: it is gentle on the skin and eyes. The GLT TUBE is also unbreakable and free of harmful substances such as mercury. Thus, among other things, food and other sensitive goods last longer and can be illuminated in accordance with standards.

The GLT TUBE is available in three standard color temperatures 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. The latter corresponds to our natural daylight and is particularly suitable for rooms in which performance is required. The higher proportion of blue improves concentration and promotes the body's own vitamin D absorption. Covers with different light diffusions are available to match the conditions on site.

Problem-free exchange

The GLT TUBE can be installed quickly, easily and safely. You can carry out the replacement yourself for fittings with a conventional ballast. In the case of fittings with electronic ballast, the replacement must be carried out by a specialist.


For fittings with a conventional ballast, replace the starter with a dummy. Install the GLT TUBE instead of the old fluorescent tube.


In an ECG fitting the GLT TUBE must be installed by a specialist. Thanks to the direct power supply of the GLT TUBE, there is no ballast interference factor and operational reliability is increased.

Product types

The GLT TUBE is available as a replacement for T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes in all standard lengths. Depending on the area of application, we offer three color temperatures (3000K, 4000K and 5000K) as well as three different covers (Milky, Diffuse, Clear).

Buy or rent

Our Swiss parent company GLT Rent AG offers uncomplicated, intelligent and flexible rental models. These enable immediate savings without initial effort and capital commitment. If required, GLT technicians can make the change quickly and smoothly, so that it is barely noticed by the workforce. Your company benefits from massive energy savings from day one, without any risk.

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