The GLT LUME are high-quality LED lights for professional use such as clean room lights or outdoor lights.


The electronics consist of 100% SMD components and are manufactured in our Aspach plant near Stuttgart (Made in Germany). The GLT LUME products meet all relevant legal standards and our high demands on lighting quality, efficiency and sustainability. 

First-class light quality

The high luminous efficacy of up to 170 lm/W, LEDs of the latest generation, high color rendering and the harmonious, balanced brightness distribution speak for the first-class light quality of GLT LUME products. The stable luminous flux without flickering also contributes to excellent visual comfort. 

Product types

Talk to us about your needs.

Buy or rent

Our Swiss parent company GLT Rent AG offers uncomplicated, intelligent and flexible rental models. These enable immediate savings without initial effort and capital commitment. If required, GLT technicians can make the change quickly and smoothly, so that it is barely noticed by the workforce. Your company benefits from massive energy savings from day one, without any risk.

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