GLT High Bay

The GLT High Bay is an all-rounder among the point spotlights. It provides highly efficient and perfectly shaped, strong, made-to-measure light and also impresses with its sophisticated design.


As a 1:1 replacement for conventional point sources, it is suitable for all industrial applications: from production and logistics halls to wholesale markets and retail to shipyards and hangars. High-performance LEDs guarantee a strong light output, the hermetically sealed light modules protect against environmental influences and thus guarantee the long service life of the light-emitting diodes.

Save costs immediately

The GLT High Bay significantly reduces your energy costs. High-performance optics, the individually adjustable high-end power pack and effective temperature management guarantee a long service life and high efficiency. Thanks to our unique rental concept, you can also switch to LED technology quickly and without tying up capital: Saving starts from the first minute.

First-class light quality

In addition to efficiency, the first-class lighting quality of the GLT High Bay supports the health and performance of all employees. The light spectrum, which is largely similar to daylight, with a high color rendering value ensures the best visibility and therefore safety. 

Product types

The GLT High Bay is available in two standard color temperatures 4,000K and 5,000K and with two high-performance optics 60 ° (narrow beam) and 100 ° (wide beam). To make sure you feel confident in your decision right from the start, the GLT experts create a customer-specific lighting concept. 

Buy or rent

Our Swiss parent company GLT Rent AG offers uncomplicated, intelligent and flexible rental models. These enable immediate savings without initial effort and capital commitment. If required, GLT technicians can make the change quickly and smoothly, so that it is barely noticed by the workforce. Your company benefits from massive energy savings from day one, without any risk.

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