Proper switch to LED lighting

Not every switch to LED makes sense: Digital LED systems often do not conform to standards and thus create dependencies. LED retrofit counteracts this by making the light sources compatible with the existing infrastructure.

Unfortunately, the development of LED lighting systems is not always going in the right direction: Numerous lighting manufacturers produce their own, often digital systems that are not compatible with standard (DIN / EN) light sources. This is how artificial dependencies are created. After the end of their service life, these single-use systems must be completely disposed. They also often have unnecessary sources of error such as controlling each individual luminaire via DALI or WLAN. This results in high maintenance costs. Any source of error on the ceiling should be avoided. The created dependencies on the special lamps also generate additional freight costs and have a negative impact on the overall operating costs. 

For a long time, the market for LED tubes seemed unattractive to European lighting manufacturers and was left entirely to Asian manufacturers. These flooded us with huge amounts of cheap, short-lived LED tubes made of plastic and glass - a disaster from an ecological point of view. 

The alternative: high quality LED tubes from Europe

There is a future-oriented alternative to the short-lived LED tubes: LED retrofit - a simple, economical, durable and environmentally friendly conversion of existing systems that will also last for decades. The standardized and standardized fittings have existed for more than 80 years and can be upgraded and provided 1: 1 with effective, compatible LED light sources. LED retrofit is easy to use for everyone - even without specialist knowledge. 

The high-quality LED tubes developed for this purpose are made of aluminum, are 100% unbreakable and equipped with a high-performance power supply and special heat management. The LED tubes are produced in Germany and are 90% recyclable. In short: an ecologically and economically sensible solution for every area of ​​application! 

Lighting as an important part of the electricity demand

Politicians have recognized the problem of incompatible LED lighting systems and created a set of rules for this with the new EU ecodesign guidelines. However, the industry and the individual municipalities are still lagging behind with the conversion to LED retrofits. Lighting accounts for 20% of the world's electricity demand. An impressive figure when you consider that 70% of this lighting is still made up of electricity-guzzling and toxic technologies such as mercury-containing FL fluorescent tubes. If these fluorescent tubes were exchanged for modern LED tubes, global energy consumption could be reduced by around 12%. 

Act and reduce the inflation driver «energy costs»

The message for the industry is simple: replace outdated lighting with high-quality LED tubes so that energy costs can be saved immediately and passed on to consumers. An essential step in the right direction. Because the currently rising inflation results to a large extent from the sharp rise in energy costs in all economic areas.  

Would you like to find out more about how LED retrofits work? German LED Tech will be happy to advise you as a team of experts for LED lighting systems.