Maintenance of light without skilled workers

Every person and every company should be able to operate artificial light independently and change lamps easily. Without specialist electrical knowledge. This is only possible if the global standards that have existed for 100 years, such as Edison and Germer sockets, are preserved and not replaced by manufacturer-specific luminaire systems.

Maintaining international standards

Germer lampholders have been in use for 100 years, so that today there are about 15 billion G13/T8 lampholders and 2 billion G5/T5 lampholders worldwide. If all these are fitted 1:1 with efficient and long-lasting LED light sources, global energy consumption can be reduced by 12%. And you still have control over your artificial light. Both privately and in the company. That is LED retrofit.

Luminaire manufacturers fuel energy wastage

A danger for the environment and social peace is the development that parts of the internationally standardised infrastructure of lampholders are being replaced by tens of thousands of different systems of the luminaire industry. The consequence is devastating. International standards are being destroyed and torn from the ceilings, each new one-off luminaire costs large amounts of energy and CO2 to manufacture and dispose of. The customer becomes dependent on the manufacturer and needs an electrician for every maintenance and lamp replacement. The economic and climate balance of these disposable systems is devastating compared to the production and use of, for example, an efficient reusable GLT TUBE accor

Fraunhofer IBP confirms the importance of efficient LED retrofit


A study by Fraunhofer IBP on behalf of EnBW confirmed that energy efficiency and resource efficiency of systems are equally important for a successful energy transition. In this context, not only the use phase, but above all the production, transport, longevity and disposal must be considered in order to take into account an overall economic balance, such as according to EF3.0 Climate Change. This was recently confirmed by the recognised Think Tank Agora Energiewende *). This is the only way to achieve the global climate goals.


LED retrofit guarantees us control over artificial light

LED retrofit with efficient and long-living LED light sources secures our right to consume healthy, artificial light in the long term and to purchase and replace light sources independently of manufacturers and without specialist knowledge.

The GLT TUBE was developed for this purpose. It is manufactured in Germany according to international standards and combines energy efficiency and longevity as well as circular lighting in an exemplary manner.


*) Agora Energiewende, press release of November 3rd, 2022: Wie Deutschland gestärkt aus der fossilen Energiekrise kommtWie Deutschland gestärkt aus der fossilen Energiekrise kommt