IEC EN 62776:2014 + COR1:2015 simply explained

In order to fulfil the safety requirements of the European Union, the European Commission has created a product standard for the replacement of double-capped fluorescent lamps (G5 and G13) with double-capped LED lamps in existing systems.

"DIN EN 62776 (VDE 0715-16): Double-capped LED lamps as replacement (retrofit) for double-capped fluorescent lamps - Safety requirements. German version EN 62776:2015"

With IEC EN 62776, the legislator has created an international standard specifies the safety and interchangeability requirements, and the exchange operation together with the test methods and conditions required to show compliance of double-capped LED lamps with G5 and G13 caps, intended for replacing fluorescent lamps with the same caps. The European standard adopted by CENELEC on 15 January 2015 will be applied as a DIN standard from 1 December 2015. The standard covers the following products:

Double-capped LED retrofit lamp (for KVG/VVG luminaires)

This is a 1:1 replacement without any changes to the luminaire. A dummy supplied replaces the starter and the ballast is bridged with it.

Double-capped LED conversion lamp (for ECG luminaires)

In this case, the ballast is bridged by a qualified electrician using the conversion kit supplied.

The safety requirements must be met between the temperature ranges of -20°C to +60°C in order to replace conventional fluorescent lamps without restriction.

GLT TUBE is ENEC certified according to EN 62776

The GLT TUBE is ENEC-certified in accordance with the international standard EN 62776 by the accredited testing institute DEKRA and therefore fulfils all mandatory requirements for issuing CE conformity of a product by the manufacturer when it is placed on the market in the EU. It is certified for a temperature range of -40 to +70°C and exceeds the required temperature range of the standard, as higher and lower temperatures are prescribed in certain areas of application, such as on ships. This emphasises the high quality and durability of the GLT TUBE.

The high-performance power supply unit and overvoltage protection are integrated into the GLT TUBE, thus avoiding sources of error. The instructions for bypassing the external ballast of the fluorescent lamp using the GLT conversation kit have been tested and confirmed by DEKRA.

Refurbish instead of throw away!

The GLT TUBE is also certified with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and is therefore an important building block for sustainable companies. It guarantees the safe, CE-compliant and environmentally friendly continued use of existing lighting systems. Companies remain manufacturer-independent, and the lighting can be operated without a qualified electrician after retrofitting. The GLT TUBE creates a healthy working environment while saving up to 80% energy and CO2. It is 90% reusable and recyclable and is taken back by German LED Tech via a unique reusable system.