GLT TUBE with integrated high-performance power supply for T5 and T8 LED retrofit

Whether ECG or CCG, T5 or T8 - the latest and most efficient generation of LED tubes as a 1:1 replacement for conventional fluorescent tubes manages completely without external ballasts. This includes the GLT TUBE from German LED Tech.

The power supply and overvoltage protection are integrated in the GLT TUBE, it is always connected directly with 230 V voltage. The control is centralized, also with KNX technology. Problems with failure-prone ballasts and high maintenance costs are a thing of the past.

Hands off LED tubes with external ballasts

Electricians have recognized the problem. If you change an old fluorescent tube with electronic ballast to a cheap disposable LED tube, it still has an external ballast. Inefficient, prone to failure and also soon banned by the efficiency and environmental requirements of the current EU Ecodesign Directive. And beware: not every ballast is compatible with every tube. On the contrary, a non-matching LED tube in a fitting with an ECG ballast can trigger dangerous consequences. For this purpose, the manufacturers have specially provided long compatibility lists on the websites for download, which must be studied elaborately to exclude liability.

Future-proof retrofit solution with GLT TUBE

The rewiring of the standardized luminaire with ECG is done once, the old ballast is removed and the luminaire is equipped with standardized and ENEC certified GLT TUBES. The conformity of the system is maintained and guaranteed by German LED Tech. The luminaires are controlled centrally. Numerous GLT patents, such as heat dissipation in the GLT TUBE, guarantee the highest efficiency and durability in combination with exemplary recycling attributes

Your benefits at a glance

After successful conversion, you will never again have to waste thoughts and costs on broken ballasts and compatibility lists. You will have a manufacturer-independent lighting system according to international standard IEC/EN 62776 for LED tubes. Maintenance costs are minimized due to the longevity of the GLT TUBE, and the lighting system can be operated immediately without any electrical expertise. Highest energy efficiency meets outstanding quality. The GLT TUBES are "Made in Germany" and can be 90% recycled and reused in production. This makes them the only reusable LED tubes on the LED market and sustainably improves the economic efficiency and eco-balance of companies.