Fact check: The most economical and sustainable solution - conversion to LED with retrofit

LED retrofits are the modernization of the existing lighting infrastructure and the fitting of modern LED lamps. The infrastructure will be preserved and upgraded according to the latest technology and equipped with modern and effective LED light sources.

The professionals at GLT will show you 8 facts why LED retrofitting is economically and ecologically future-oriented and what you should pay attention to when converting: 

1. The existing lighting infrastructure is preserved - throwing it away is irresponsible and pollutes the environment

Why tear everything from the ceiling when the lights are still worth preserving and are state of the art? The aim of retrofitting is to preserve and upgrade as large parts of the existing, standardized lighting infrastructure as possible. Only defective parts are replaced. Experienced electricians upgrade the existing lighting infrastructure by removing sources of error, such as ballasts that are prone to failure. 

2. Lighting infrastructure after upgrading to LED technology - a compatible system for the future 

After upgrading with LED retrofit, customers will have a standardized lighting system that will be state-of-the-art for the next few decades. The lighting system now consists of low-maintenance brackets with standardized sockets and will not require any spare parts in the future. The sockets can be equipped 1:1 with compatible LED lamps, regardless of the manufacturer. 

3. LED retrofit is economical - thanks to the use of efficient and long-lasting LED lamps, for example from GLT 

The market for LED retrofit lamps is huge: Various companies offer numerous lamps that differ greatly in terms of quality and price. Because of this, it's important to compare products and pay attention to the fine print. Above all, find out about the probability of failure of the light source, the specified service life and the actual energy consumption - because cheap is not cheap in the long term. 

German LED Tech has developed high-quality and long-lasting LED tubes for G5 and G13 sockets especially for LED retrofits, which guarantee healthy light without flickering. They are made of aluminum, are 100% unbreakable, have a high-performance power supply and a special thermal management system. They are produced in Germany and are 90% recyclable. They are ENEC-certified according to EN 62776 and verifiably exceed all reference values required by the EU for ecodesign and recycling management. This means they can claim the title of “best technology available on the market”. The probability of failure of the GLT TUBE over the minimum service life of 50,000 hours is less than 1%. 

4. Avoid sources of error and reduce maintenance costs - lamps must be exchangeable without a specialist 

Our GLT TUBES are reusable LED tubes that are connected directly to 230 voltage. The ballast is not required. The surge protection is also integrated in the GLT TUBE. This eliminates sources of error and the tubes are extremely durable. Should an exchange be necessary, LED retrofit lamps can easily be exchanged by the user - without specialist knowledge. 

One-way lighting systems are special lights that are dependent on the manufacturer. This includes, for example, LED rail systems that are equipped with incompatible LED light sources or LED panels. But also single-use LED tubes that cannot be repaired. At the end of their life, these systems are completely disposed of. They also usually have unnecessary sources of error such as external ballasts and the control of each individual luminaire via DALI or WLAN. This results in high maintenance costs. Any source of error on the ceiling should be avoided. Because you have to hire a qualified electrician to rectify any malfunction.

5. No dependency on manufacturers creates sustainability

GLT tubes are extremely sustainable. On the one hand, because there are no dependencies on manufacturers. On the other hand, because our customers have a standardized, independent lighting system for the future thanks to the GLT TUBES. No single-source solution and no one-way system that you have to dispose completely at the end of its service life: This improves the company's ecological balance in the long term.

6. Support of the circular economy through the unique GLT reusable system

High-quality LED lamps such as the GLT TUBE are very durable, 90% recyclable and can be repaired at the end of their service life or returned to the cycle as raw materials. In this way, these products make a significant contribution to the achievement of the new EU climate targets for 2050. The GLT reusable system is unique on the market: The customer receives a € 5.00 discount on the purchase of a new GLT TUBE when the old GLT TUBE is returned. 

7. Complex and expensive lighting planning is superfluous 

With LED retrofits, you can see at a glance what you are saving. Three values are decisive: the number of lamps to be replaced, the average electricity price and the average burning time of the lamps. With this, GLT creates a meaningful profitability calculation. This includes profitability, energy and CO2 savings as well as savings in maintenance costs. Of course, we guarantee the required illuminance and healthy light without flickering. The agreed guarantees and all certifications relate to the complete system, i.e. to the retrofitting as well as to the lamps.

Complex and expensive lighting planning by professionals is superfluous with LED retrofits, since the luminaire infrastructure with high-quality LED light is retained. 

8. No more LED retrofit myths - there are no unknown risks

Despite all the prophecies of doom of the major luminaire manufacturers, LED retrofits with high-quality and economical LED lamps such as those from German LED Tech can be planned precisely and do not leave any unknown risks behind. Rather, you benefit from the switch:

  • Economy: immediate energy and CO2 savings of up to 80%, minimization of maintenance costs
  • Light quality: healthy light without flickering
  • Longevity and efficiency: proven many times over by 10 years of "proof of concept" 
  • Lighting system: upgraded according to the latest technology by electrical specialists / compatible, manufacturer-independent system for the future 
  • Guarantees and certifications: valid for the entire system including lamps
  • Light management: centrally possibly 
  • State funding opportunities: available for LED retrofit