Efficient light against rising inflation

Energy costs are skyrocketing, the economy is groaning under the strain and the costs are being passed on to consumers. Inflation keeps reaching new highs, with no end in sight. Especially since politics continues to rely on power-hungry technologies and digitization is also progressing rapidly. Anyone who saves electricity intelligently will be the winner in the future.

Artificial light consumes 12% of the total electricity in Germany

But are all entrepreneurs or politicians aware of the importance of efficient LED lighting to reduce energy costs? In Germany, artificial light accounts for 12% of the total amount of electricity. And 70% of that light still comes from toxic, power-guzzling technologies like FL fluorescent tubes.

Saving electricity means acting responsibly

The prevailing opinion is: yes, you have to take care of that, but there are more important things to work on right now. This ignores a significant savings potential and drives up prices. On the other hand, the entrepreneurs who recognized the savings potential and converted to efficient, sustainable LED light at an early stage act responsibly and benefit from savings of up to 80% of their energy costs day after day. This increases profitability and improves the ecological balance, in the end the company, the environment and the consumers are equally happy.

Efficient and compatible lighting is clever

But beware! Commercial LED light needs to be healthy, sustainable, efficient, durable and recyclable. Easy to use and compatible for everyone. Not design-oriented and smart, but a means to an end to generate healthy light. In addition to the sustainability and repairability of the products, low consumption (watts) with a high luminous flux (lumen) is of crucial importance. This is the only thing that makes economic and ecological sense.

We at GLT have been pioneers in the production of sustainable LED tubes "Made in Germany" for over 10 years and produce the "best technology for light sources available on the market" according to the current EU eco-design guidelines. You can purchase these high quality tubes or we can offer a financing solution. Find out about the advantages of the GLT Tubes here.here.