Goodbye throwaway society

GLT has been setting standards since 2010 and produces sustainable, durable and reusable LED tubes for professional users in Europe. The GLT TUBES have been developed according to the Circular Lighting model, which follows the principles of the circular economy: from the design, through the use phase, to the repair of the GLT TUBES or recycling of the raw materials.

By 2050, new legal requirements will pave the way from the throwaway society to a circular economy and climate neutrality. Economy and industry are committed to sustainability, resources used should be kept in the cycle of the EU economy for as long as possible.

The UN writes in its 17 Sustainable Development Goals: "There is only one planet, but by 2050 global consumption will reach levels as if we had three of them."

EU-action plan against current consumption

The circular economy action plan adopted by the EU at the beginning of February 2021 is intended to stop this trend. The plan includes 35 measures for a sustainable product policy and production as well as for the reduction of waste. The European Union wants to take on a global leadership role.

Because many products are inefficient, break too quickly, are only intended for one-time use and cannot be repaired or recycled. Packaging is becoming more and more expensive, the amount of packaging waste per person in Europe is at a record level without it being recycled in an economically justifiable manner.

Economic success and environmental protection work

German LED Tech proves that economic success and environmental protection can go hand in hand. All ecodesign specifications and specifications for the circular economy now required in the action plan have been implemented in an exemplary manner. For the benefit of our business customers. After all, by converting to LED lighting from GLT, companies have demonstrably been able to save up to 80% on energy and maintenance costs. The emissions have been reduced by up to 80% as GLT TUBES have the lowest ecological footprint on the market. GLT TUBES are manufactured fully automatically in Germany in state-of-the-art production facilities, long transport routes are eliminated.

What makes GLT TUBES unique?

GLT TUBES contain the best technology available on the market, they are extremely durable, efficient, free of harmful substances and can be repaired or 90% recycled. There is no throwing away at GLT - at the end of their service life or after the end of the rental period, we repair the tubes or return them to the circulatory system as raw materials. The flexible GLT rental concept is also unique, our customers benefit from immediate energy savings without investment or risk from day one.

For these outstanding achievements, German LED Tech was named "Best LED Lighting Manufacturer Europe""Best LED Lighting Manufacturer Europe" and "Sustainable LED Lighting Manufacturer of the Year - Europe" by the renowned EU Business News magazine in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

There are no more excuses - with products from GLT you improve the ecological balance of your company sustainably, increase profitability and make a valuable contribution to the success of the European Green Deal. Calculate hereCalculate here how much you can save now!