Energy audit recommends LED

ml&s GmbH & Co. KG, based in Greifswald, reduces the total energy consumption across all areas of the company by around 75% simply by converting to efficient GLT TUBEs.

In 2014/2015, as part of an energy audit by the consulting company EWBi-Group Ingenieurgesellschaft (Berlin), all energy consumption groups at ml&s GmbH (Greifswald), a full-service provider for the electronics industry, were compared.

To improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs, the EWBi Group recommended various efficiency measures across all areas of the company, including converting the lighting to LEDs. At ml&s, a total of 5,108 fluorescent tubes were exchanged 1:1 for GLT TUBEs. The existing infrastructure of lights and fittings was left as is. By the time of the following energy audit in 2018, ml&s had successfully expanded with production growth of 35% and additional shift work.

ml&s saves around 75% of energy costs and reduces CO2 emissions by the same amount

A second energy audit was carried out in 2018 to evaluate the implemented measures. The result is outstanding. About 75% of the annual energy savings at ml&s was achieved by replacing old fluorescent tubes with GLT TUBEs, despite the expansion of production and shift work and thus the longer burning time of the lighting. The investment costs are amortized within a year. This positive balance also includes reduced maintenance costs due to the longer service life of the GLT TUBEs and lower CO2 emissions. A sensible investment that pays off immediately.

Successful companies act responsibly

The energy audit at ml&s GmbH shows: an immediate conversion of the old lighting to GLT TUBEs increases the profitability of companies and strengthens their ecological balance. Every delay costs valuable energy and resources. That is why important and successful companies such as ABB, EnBW, Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof, AVIS Budget, IKEA, Uniper, Deutsche Bahn or Lantmännen are already using GLT TUBEs.