Do your light sources comply with European standards?

As of September 1, 2021, new European regulations on energy efficiency prohibit to place conventional and inefficient light sources on the market. We at German LED Tech have the sustainable solution: GLT Tubes.

At the end of 2019, the European Commission issued a statement and published the new ecodesign requirements for light sources with Regulation (EU) 2019/2020. In it, the environmentally friendly design as well as the labeling of energy consumption for lamps, lights and control gear were newly regulated. What does that mean in concrete terms?

Farewell to the T8 fluorescent tube

In the lamp industry in particular, there was still untapped potential for savings in energy consumption despite the first regulations in 2009 (the end of the classic incandescent lamp) and 2012 (environmentally friendly design of LED lamps). As a result, the technical, ecological and economic aspects of light sources and user behavior were analyzed. Conclusion of the investigations: The regulations for lamps have been updated and a uniform formula for calculating energy efficiency has been defined. Energy consumption in the usage phase as well as the mercury content are now considered to be important environmental aspects.

Standard lamps such as the T8 fluorescent tubes no longer meet the new efficiency requirements. Although best-selling, these will no longer be allowed to be placed on the market from September 2021.

New requirements for light sources

In the long term, a resource-efficient circular economy should be created, which means that future light sources must be exchangeable and recyclable. It is also required that certain reference values must be observed for LED light sources with regard to light yield, maximum permissible power consumption, color rendering, light distribution and energy efficiency. The illuminants should be compatible, durable and exchangeable by everyone with as few sources of error as possible.

Sustainable solution: GLT Tube

Our GLT TubeGLT Tube product demonstrably exceeds all required reference values and can claim the title of “best technology available on the market”. With GLT Tubes, up to 80% operating costs can be saved immediately compared to conventional fluorescent tubes. The product is not only first class in terms of energy consumption and longevity, but also the quality of the light: The light spectrum of the GLT Tube largely corresponds to daylight and does not flicker. In addition, the GLT Tube is 95% recyclable and the only reusable tube on the LED market.

Check the light sources you are using and convert to long-lasting, high-quality and sustainable GLT Tubes from German LED TechGLT Tubes from German LED Tech in good time.